The Parsec Podcast

Solana MEV with Jito

February 02, 2023 parsec Season 1 Episode 14
The Parsec Podcast
Solana MEV with Jito
Show Notes

Jito Labs cofounders come on the show to discuss Solana MEV and how Jito is tackling redistribution of MEV via jitoSOL

We discuss:
* comparison of Jito to EVM MEV auctions like Flashbots
* Long tail Solana MEV and searcher shenanigans
* Competitive landscape of MEV on Solana
* Solana's future

* Jito:
* Buffalu Twitter
* Seg Twitter
*Listeners get 5% off parsec (promo code:parsec-pod)

disclosure: this is an educational podcast nothing said on here by hosts or guests is financial advice DYOR - on parsec preferably ;)